Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Salmon For Breakfast?

I am putting on my culinary anthropologist hat (chapeau) and posing the question: Which was the 1st culture to put salmon in their breakfast dish!? Is it:

A. Ze French? (Crepes & Quiche)
B. Da Jews? (Lox & Bagel)
C. The Scottish. Cause they love salmon.

I dont know if we'll ever know. I could go back in time with Bill & Ted....but thats a lot of mis 90s effort.

ANYWHO. :) Shawn and I went out to breakfast this past Saturday which is a rarity to stray from our coffee, eggs and peppered bacon ritual we've been cooking every weekend for the past 9 months. We went to this place called Tangerine on Sanchez & 17th in the mission. Id say they are not particularly known for their brunch, but is packed nonetheless. I had been there previously with Meag when she was in town, but not back since.
I had smoked salmon, poached eggs with hollandaise over a potato cake and shawn had a delicious heaping serving of almond french toast with strawberries. I give it an A!

Yummy. I love brunch!

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  1. oooo we walked by that place and i want to try it. glad to hear it's good!