Monday, June 8, 2009

Cant Stop Til You Eat Enough.

On my way out of town Wednesday night, I had a pre-flight binge fest with Shawn at a BBQ place called BABY BLUES BBQ (Bernal Heights), recommended by lovely Tisha & Paul. We went around 6pm and it was already filling up with locals. Any restaurant hopping with people who eating while the sun is still shining is probably a good sign.

I give it a B. This meal, alot like the TV show LOST asked more questions than it answered.

Do I prefer Texas BBQ Ribs - or Memphis? I grew up on vinegar based Carolina pulled pork - is sweet brown sugar based better?Also - how can you fuck up baked beans? I think with black beans is the answer.

The waitstaff was helpful and the macaroni and cheese WAS exactly like my gramma makes it, best non fancy truffle oil mac & cheese in SF, maybe? The pulled pork was the star! The failures were the baked beans - hello!? am I thinking of baked beans as something else? Why again are there BLACK BEANS!? and the cornbread was too dense and lacked a fluffy center. Also, I didnt care for the sweet mashed potatoes.

LOVED the homemade pepper oil on the table, though.

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