Monday, June 1, 2009

Top 5 Things I Am Obsessed With.

#1. Every time I am in the 99 cents store I dream of throwing down a $20 bill and enthusiastically instructing the low paid worker to give me their remaining mason jar inventory. Why? I am obsessed with throwing a party on a hot day where guests are served thoughtfully concocted cocktails (raspberry mojitos?) in these " down home" charm glass jars. But then I am stuck with 20 mason jars in my city apartment until my next mason jar reverie.

2. While checking out at Whole Foods last week I was instructed by the cashier that I MUST try the Cheesy Vegan Kale Chips. Low calorie, Low Carb - High Sodium so RIGHT up my alley. They were good for 10 tastes then it just tasted like spaceman food. Needless to say I put the extra kale on the work "free for all" table and in my 9 months @ Ubisoft it was the only free food that went uneaten for hours. Then I dared my coworkers. They are brave.

3. Diet Canada Dry. I once tried to give up Diet Coke for a week and went through what I call a serious aspartame post pardom...even Scientologists would have condoned meds to get me out of my funk. (waaa waaaa bad joke). An yow I love Diet Canada dry at work now. Put it in my moutttttth, my mutha fucking mouuuttth.

4. Cambazola Cheese is heaven. Its a triple threat. Triple Cream. Triple awesome. Triple Bleu.

5. Bruno The Movie. I dont care if you're over quoted (ala Borat) for years to come. Be my summer movie boyfriend, Sascha Baron Cohen. Candy or cancer ?


  1. Anyone who sticks his balls in eminems face is alright with me! Love the charm of mason jars as well - they can repurposed though - buttons, marbles...well maybe not.

  2. Mason jar use #2 - one of the army of parenting magazines that have infiltrated my home included a recipe from Katie Lee Joel (I don't know why she was in a parenting magazine) for bourbon slushies. Grown up slushies? I'd say its worth losing those two square feet of storage for the mason jars.