Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Emerson: Where Straight Girls Wish All The Guys Werent Gay.

Tomorrow night I will be on a red eye back to the East Coast to attend my 5 year college reunion from Emerson College (I know, I am young). We're not really there to see other people and find out what they've been up to or make small talk about the "industry" more just to get shit faced and hang out together and pay $50 a night to stay in a dorm in the most key location available - Boston Common! Phew. LONG RUN ON SENTENCE.

We're taking a VERY large gamble and having dinner at our old favorite haunt - Charley's Eating And Drinking Saloon on Newbury. Why is it a gamble?

A. We were 18. We were used to cafeteria pork noodle bowls and dry overcooked baked potatoes - in comparison anytime you ate out it was probably better than French Laundry.

B. We can drink now. We ate that food SOBER - what if the wine selection is Salmon Creek and we NEVER knew?

C. It was over 5+ years ago - what if the chef changed!

Anyway. :) I am looking forward to the alumni weekend! Ah....to walk the streets where I spent my formative years.....!

I wish I had time to go to Wagamama, though!

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  1. I never was big on Charleys. I was an Other Side Cafe kind of girl. Although I do have some fond memories, as my date with Ship on My Shoulder was there.