Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Are the Afghan People Typically Dieters?

Answer: No clue but they ARE taste conscious!

I am always drawn into a demo at a grocery store when someone is saying LOW CARB! LOW CALORIE! and it isnt a salad. I am always on the quest to start eating better and losing weight so this was kind like of meeting halfway.

I ended up purchasing two of his products from the East & West Gourmet Afghan Food Company: the Vegan Spinach Bolani (alot like naan) and the Lentil Curry Spread - also, there's some curried tofu from the salad bar thrown in.

Anyway - I give this meal an A+++++ for diversity and deliciousness.

Side note: I think Shawn and I bought this last year at the Burlingame Beer & Wine Festival and bought the Cilantro Pesto sauce and made excellent chicken with it.

Definitely worth the $10s.

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  1. MMM....totally agree with the spinach bolani - DELICIOUS. Try it dipped in the cilantro pesto for a flavorful bite. You can also grab both at the weekly Ferry Building farmers markets.