Monday, June 15, 2009

Pizza From Another Mother

Dear Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza,

I've found you out. You've been exposed. Dont try and run....your endless trail of stringy cheesy mozzerella will leave the proverbial breadcrumbs behind and I'll know where to find you.

You're not pizza.

You're an Italian style pot pie!

For months since my first taste of you I've wondered how people could willingly ingest you in the name of Pizza. Being from New York, you resemble the greasy tomatoey food of the people - but you somehow put on a cape and trick the world into thinking you're the first born child. You're not - you're the second child (who is arguably just as like able) you just didnt go to Yale.

xoxox Kate :)

Shawn and I had dinner at Paxti's Chicago Style pizza on Friday night before seeing The Hangover (different blog post) and we ordered the above-mentioned deep dish pizza with artichokes, garlic and pepperoni. I give this experience a B - the pizza was good but I think i just dont like deep dish pizza. The cesar salad was adequate and the wine was overpriced. The experience overall wasnt terrible - so B it is. :)

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  1. I like Chicago style pizza! Not as much as NY style though. And only if it doesn't have a lot of sauce... cheese is always preferable to sauce!!